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Blockup glass block wall Glass Block Wall Assembly Instructions
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Glass block frame kit


BlokUp comes Flat Packed, and is easily portable.

First unpack and identify all contents. This includes:

  • sides and tops.
  • cartridges of Silicone bond and silicone grout.
  • sponge and screws.
  • horizontal and vertical seperation plates.
  • glass blocks
  • easy to follow instructions


glass block wall kit contents

tools needed for building a glass block wall using the blokup system


You will need some basic tools. These include:

  • screwdriver.
  • drill.
  • level.
  • bucket of water (for washing down the panel).

Then simply slot the frame together.


stage 1 of building your glass block wall


Secure the corners with the screw provided.
(Note: image shows older version which required a rivet gun; this is no longer the case.)

Fix the completed frame into position, with a drill and screws, to the walls, floor and ceiling as required.


Stage 3 of building your glass block wall

Stage 4 of building your glass block wall


You are now ready to start installing the glass blocks within the frame. Apply lines of clear silicone bond to the frame beside and under the first glass block. Push firmly into place.

Apply silicone bond to the side of the glass block and fix the large aluminium strip to the side of the glass block. For the first course, this strip sets down into the opening in the frame.


Stage 5 of building your glass block wall

Stage 6 of building your glass block wall


Continue along the first course. Apply silicone bond along the top of the first course. Then fit the long aluminium strip on top ensuring it fits into the slots on both sides of the frame.

Continue building with silicone bond, aluminium separation plates and glass blocks.


Stage 7 of building your glass block wallStage 8 of building your glass block wall

Stage 9 of building your glass block wall

Apply silicone grout to the panel and smooth joints with a damp sponge.

And there you are! It's that easy to build a glass block wall with blockup glass block wall

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